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Certificado Menaje de Casa a Extranjeros/Household Inventory Permit


 1) Schedule an appointment at:
Date you would like to attend your visa interview (provide at least 3 options date). In return we will send you an email confirming the date according to the preferences indicated by yourself.

2) Fill out the Application form, English or Spanish. (This application can obtain the day of the appointment at the Consulate).

3) Valid passport with four photocopies of all pages containing data.

4) Mexican Visa with Temporary or Permanent Resident status, Temporal Residence Card or Permanent Residence Card (original and 4 copies).

5) One photo passport size, no glasses.

6) Present the household goods inventory. It must be in Spanish and type written, with one original plus four photocopies.

7) First page must bear the name of the person who holds the authorization (Temporary or Permanent Residence); the address in the U.S.A. and the length of time lived in that address, and the new address in Mexico.

8) The last page of the original list and each of the copies must be signed in original by the authorized person (card holder).

9) Consular fee: $127.00 USD. The payment for the issuance of certificate or permit is made at the Consulate.

Please note that all “Household Inventory Permits” are delivered the day after receipt (24 hours later).

Instructions & Notes

In the case of foreigners with the Migration status of Temporary Resident, they may enter their goods into Mexico under the regime of temporary importation of goods for the duration of their migration status, provided that at their departure they return their belongings abroad. In accordance with the above, it should include a paragraph in which the foreigner states that he is obliged to return the merchandise. Also, that in case of change of address will give notice to the customs authority.

• All electronic/electric appliances are to be fully described, including brand, model, and serial number.

• Large furniture must be carefully described.
• Smaller articles should be listed generally in its boxes, example:

2 large boxes of shoes
6 large boxes of clothes
2 medium size boxes of linen

* Please leave a space at bottom of each page for official stamping.

For additional information, please click on the whatsapp link above.