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Shipping Services to Mexico from USA

Offering International Shipping Services to Mexico from Miami, Florida United States.

Estafeta Miami provides you a free mailing address in the USA. You can use it to receive online orders, mail, packages, and freight. Once we receive your goods, we will notify you automatically. When you are ready to ship, you put in a shipment request. We will review your request and send you a notice to complete the payment. After your payment is done, your shipment will be on its way with a tracking number.

We are Mexico’s premier parcel & courier shipping service provider. We own our own planes. We own our 53-foot trucks. We own a fleet of Mercedes Benz vans to deliver your valuables to Mexico on time everyday. We provide 100% coverage for Mexico.

Contact us for rates & availability @ 1.305.600.2064 or visit us online at:

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Shipping Services to Mexico from Miami